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Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 248 – PS5 due out in 2018? Really?

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On this week’s episode of the DJ Podcast we discuss the latest rumours surrounding the PlayStation 5 console and its supposed 10tflops?  Also we discuss Ubisoft’s plans for 2017 and Nintendo’s upcoming E3 plans.  Tune it, its video gaming goodness beamed to your ears. Click below to watch the full podcast. To play the podcast in your browser window, click Continue Reading...

Prey Review

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In 2006 Human Head Games invaded living rooms and abducted gamers in their first person shooter release, Prey. Native American Tommy, his girl Jen and grandfather Enisi were abducted by an alien ship known as The Sphere, which was a living organism in itself and needed to harvest lifeforms to produce the energy required to sustain itself. Prey used portals Continue Reading...