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EB Expo 2017 – Assassin’s Creed Origins Hands on Impressions

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At this year’s EB Expo 2017 we went hands on with Assassin’s Creed Origins on the Xbox One X and Egypt has never looked so beautiful. You’d be forgiven for thinking Assassin’s Creed games have run their marathon over the years starting out as a fresh and new experience and ultimately becoming what many gamers dread; an annualised franchise.  With Continue Reading...

EB Expo 2017 – Detroit Become Human Hands on Impressions

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The second game that we stumbled upon at this year’s EB Expo 2017 was Detroit Become Human for the PlayStation 4.  I must admit, none of the DJ Podcast team had any preconceptions or thoughts about Detroit Become Human leading up to the Expo.  Gladly so, as Detroit Become Human managed to captivate our minds and have us all clinging Continue Reading...