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Pop-Up Pilgrims PlayStation VR Review

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When people think of VR gaming they instantly presume first person titles that attempt to deliver a realistic setting and concentrating on immersion. It is true, most of the titles available are of this ilk, but every so often a new concept pops up. I have played a few 3rd person games now and found that the quality has been Continue Reading...

Subnautica PC Review

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Planet 4546B could be an idyllic if it wasn’t for a few things, Reaper Leviathans, enforcement batteries and the assorted things trying to eat you. You’ll spend your time under the water, scavenging, hunting, building and travelling. Always looking for the next thing and getting distracted on the way, if you’re anything like me. Gameplay Subnautica is at its core, Continue Reading...

The Inpatient PlayStation VR Review

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In 2015 Supermassive Games attempted, somewhat successfully, to change the way horror games are delivered. Until Dawn took a great cast of friends, put them into a typical horror scenario and blended exploration and interaction with a script and styling that merged film like quality with gameplay. It was met with positivity from both critics and gamers and led to Continue Reading...