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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 PC & Xbox One Review

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Vermintide II comes in with not just the promise of rat killing, but the hordes of Chaos as well. Both are here in massive numbers, waiting for blade, bow and gun. Not only do they keep that promise, but they’re more levels, more to the characters than before and most importantly, plenty of tools for you to use in thinning Continue Reading...

Bomber Crew Xbox One Review

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Bomber Crew is an odd release and it’s definitely one you should check out. Commanding a crew of a Lancaster in WW2, you have a variety of missions to guide your crew through. Some bombing, some against the u-boat threat, some to drop supplies to friendly pilots. All of which you take through with your bomber. Gameplay This game has Continue Reading...

Spellforce 3 PC Review

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Not an RPG and not an RTS but a very interesting mix both. Not only does it do both a great deal of respect, but does it well. There’s a big world for you to explore and it’s there for you to make your mark on. Armies are yours master and their commanders your companions. Some of the time perhaps Continue Reading...