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The best and one of the longest serving Australian gaming podcast's.

The best and one of the longest serving Australian gaming podcast’s.

Daily Joystick is all about current generation gaming and our love of podcasting.

Our goal here at Daily Joystick is to bring you all the latest video gaming news to you through our show.  We discuss the latest news and information relating to all consoles.

Our podcast is our way of letting you stay on top of all the latest industry and video gaming news while your on the go.  So sit back, download our show and enjoy.

We also review all the latest games thanks to the fantastic team of writers here at DJ as well as provide you with some great editorials on the site also.

Finally, we do what we do for the love of gaming.  We’re not paid, we don’t do it for money or glory.  We do it because we love gaming, and want to ensure that you the gamer is well informed with information before shelving out good coin on a new release game.  Our team has collectively over 100 years of gaming experience, and that’s gotta count for something.

Contact Details:

Daily Joystick Website Owner & Founder: Paul Barbara

Web site staff: CJ Taylor, Leon Peters Malone, Chris Kyriacou & Shane Rowles 

Online Advertisment / Promotions:   paul.barbara76@outlook.com

Podcast Support/Enquiries/Feedback:   paul.barbara76@outlook.com

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If you are interested in joining the Daily Joystick team, please feel free to contact us at paul.barbara76@outlook.com and we will respond.  Thanks gamers.