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WRC 7 PlayStation 4 Review

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With so many driving games available it is often hard to differentiate each and make one stand out from the crowded market. Making things even harder to stand out is the quality of these titles that are available. WRC 6 was a fun entry, that looked good but suffered from a few limitations. WRC 7 has arrived; can it push Continue Reading...

NBA 2K18 Xbox One Review

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As another year rolls around on the sporting calendar, as does the annual release of every sports franchise known to man. Over the last five years there have been three sporting titles that have ruled the roost, FIFA, NBA 2K and Madden. Of the three series only FIFA has had any form of competition as NBA Live swung in limbo Continue Reading...

Project Cars 2 Review

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Two years ago, Project Cars came screeching into our games libraries, arriving with critical appeal and reasonable fanfare. It was an excellent representation of motorsport, an unrelenting simulation that focused on precision driving which was not for everyone, but heavenly for simulation fans. Slightly Mad Studios poured years of passion and experience into Project Cars and it showed, with lovely Continue Reading...

Conan Exiles Review

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Conan the Barbarian, it is the movie that put Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Hollywood map, and a film that rests firmly in my childhood memories. Yes, I watched it as a youngster, the violence, the nudity, I was punching well above my years but the memories are fond. Fast forward 25 years (wow, really) and we now see the Conan Continue Reading...

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