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Dirt 4 PlayStation 4 Review

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Codemasters have the reputation of making brilliant racing games. Rarely have they set a foot wrong with each of their racing releases and Dirt has been widely praised as the greatest rally series ever made. Dirt Rally, released in 2015 seemed to feel like a shift for the series, seemingly designed for enthusiasts. It was incredibly accurate, difficult and had Continue Reading...

MXGP 3 Review

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When I was a much younger man, with hair that wasn’t so grey and a body that didn’t ache daily, I was madly keen on motorbikes. As a young teen, I had my first race bike, a 2 stroke, air cooled, 1987 Yamaha YZ80. Following in my older brother’s footsteps, I raced at our local club in the Goulburn Valley. Continue Reading...

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Review

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Atlas is recognised as one of the leaders when it comes to JRPG’s. They have quite an impressive catalogue of incredible titles. There latest release to the western world is something a little different, yet something quite familiar. Gameplay Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, (pronounced as Ooh-tah-wah-ray-roo-mo-no) is the tale of a man, injured and alone. He awakens to find himself Continue Reading...

Prey Review

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In 2006 Human Head Games invaded living rooms and abducted gamers in their first person shooter release, Prey. Native American Tommy, his girl Jen and grandfather Enisi were abducted by an alien ship known as The Sphere, which was a living organism in itself and needed to harvest lifeforms to produce the energy required to sustain itself. Prey used portals Continue Reading...

Dreamfall Chapters Review

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1999’s The Longest Journey is renowned as one of the greatest adventure games ever created. A point and click adventure, The Longest Journey was set in two parallel universes, the magical Arcadia, and the industrial world of Stark. Players were able to shift between these universes and tasked with restoring the balance and peace to the worlds. In 2006 a Continue Reading...

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