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Pop-Up Pilgrims PlayStation VR Review

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When people think of VR gaming they instantly presume first person titles that attempt to deliver a realistic setting and concentrating on immersion. It is true, most of the titles available are of this ilk, but every so often a new concept pops up. I have played a few 3rd person games now and found that the quality has been Continue Reading...

The Inpatient PlayStation VR Review

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In 2015 Supermassive Games attempted, somewhat successfully, to change the way horror games are delivered. Until Dawn took a great cast of friends, put them into a typical horror scenario and blended exploration and interaction with a script and styling that merged film like quality with gameplay. It was met with positivity from both critics and gamers and led to Continue Reading...

Hand of Fate 2 PlayStation 4 Review

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Hand of fate was a unique, fresh feeling title that had some interesting ideas but also had some flaws. I loved it, the combat was a little bare but the idea and feel of the game seemed to mix tabletop gaming, D&D and RPG gaming all into one nicely flavoured meal. I am not the only one who loved it, Continue Reading...

PAX Aus 2017: Namco

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Namco had a smallish space at Pax Australia this year, but it had three upcoming titles that were high on my “wanting to play” list. I am pleased to say I got some hands-on time with each. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant kingdom, Dragon Ball FightersZ and Code Vein were the three on display, and after some reasonably short queue Continue Reading...

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Xbox One Review

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Over the years there has been many games that have seen their release on a new generation console, years after initially releasing. Titles such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Borderlands and Bioshock have all had shiny upgrades, moving forward with console technology. It is rarely surprising with the titles that are chosen to receive this upgrade, that was, until Continue Reading...

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