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Matterfall Review

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Back in 2013 when the PS4 was released (yes it has been that long), Resogun was one of the launch titles available, and quite possibly the best game available. It was the first free PS+ title for the PS4 and a simple, yet brilliant shooter developed by Sony-owned, Housemarque. Housemarque has been known for making quality, digital titles with a Continue Reading...

Theseus PlayStation VR Review

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Roman mythology has a long list of tales of warriors against incredible odds that generally end in triumph followed with tragedy. None are more tragic than the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur.  For those out of the know, I suggest looking it up, it does not detract from the newly released PSVR title I am here to review, Theseus, Continue Reading...

Hunting Simulator PlayStation 4 Review

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I just don’t get hunting, or at least trophy hunting. There is something about humans with guns shooting animals from a distance whilst unaware that doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it is due to me being all about giving a sporting chance. I’d much rather see how the hunter would fair if the animals had lasers attached, or vice Continue Reading...

Get Even PlayStation 4 Review

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The first-person shooter genre is an over saturated market place. Surprisingly though there still seems to be the odd release that shows a uniqueness that sets it apart and makes it well worth the investment. Get Even from Polish Studio Farm 51, has looked like it may add to the list of unique shooters from the various trailers that have Continue Reading...

Dirt 4 PlayStation 4 Review

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Codemasters have the reputation of making brilliant racing games. Rarely have they set a foot wrong with each of their racing releases and Dirt has been widely praised as the greatest rally series ever made. Dirt Rally, released in 2015 seemed to feel like a shift for the series, seemingly designed for enthusiasts. It was incredibly accurate, difficult and had Continue Reading...

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