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Born in the back end of the 80's I got to experience Nintendo, Sony and Xbox from the beginning. Gaming has always been a big part of my life and continues to be so today as it does help take your mind away from the daily grind. I live in Sydney and am a father to a beautiful young girl. I've worked for several different gaming websites and before joining Daily Joystick and I have a real passion for video games.

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The Surge Review

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The Surge comes to us from developer Deck13 Interactive who also developed Lords of the Fallen. Both games have a Dark Souls-esque gameplay feeling to them and a similar play style. More and more games are being made with this souls-esque gameplay that I’m surprised a genre for this style hasn’t been coined yet. Alas with its similar play style Continue Reading...

Outlast 2 Review

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Outlast is back from developer Red Barrels to scare us all into submission or has the series taken a turn since its first entry? Outlasts popularity exploded when many popular Youtubers took their channels and showed themselves screaming in horror as they played the game. Now because of that Outlast is a well-known horror game. However, does it still deserve Continue Reading...

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Review

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III by developer Relic Entertainment is my first entry into the Dawn of War series and the most recent Dawn of War since 2009. I was told that this entry isn’t exactly friendly to newcomers. Thankfully though I have a long history with many real-time strategy games so I wasn’t a stranger to the genre. Continue Reading...

Little Nightmares Review

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Little Nightmares comes to us from Tarsier Studios and if you didn’t get the feeling during combat then you won’t be surprised to know they worked on previous LittleBigPlanet projects in the past alongside Media Molecule. But this is a game that’s unique and entirely separate from the LittleBigPlanet games as it comes with a much darker world and story. Continue Reading...

Hands On with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

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DJ Podcasts was fortunate to get some hands on time with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and Kyle is here to tell you all about his experience with our hands on preview below.  Please be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Enjoy....

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