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Old hat gamer who’s start goes back to the Sega MegaDrive and still remembers seeing the Genesis on store shelves. Mainly a strategy gamer, I dabble in most other genres. There’s a long list of stand out titles I want to see come back, Ground Control, Homeworld, MechCommander, a proper send off to the Tiberium world of Westwood’s creation. Also very partial to most things set in space, especially at the fleet side of things. Current gaming gear include the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PS3 and PC.

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Dark Souls: Remastered Xbox One Review

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This is perhaps the third console I’ve played this game and its remained true to its first release. Each time it’s been released it has been tweaked, this is by far the most tweaked and refined it has been. With the new hardware, it’s only gotten better. Gameplay Live, confront the many creatures, get in over your head and then Continue Reading...

Battletech PC Review

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The mighty BattleMech returns to the PC. Turn based this time instead of real time, it’s still about the BattleMechs. Running your own company starts out so very simply, yet rapidly becomes quite difficult. Yet, all the time the ‘Mech is at the core. Gameplay BattleTech is about the BattleMech and this is very true of this game as well. Continue Reading...

Bombslinger Xbox One Review

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Revenge, fires, bombs, explosions in the Old West. That is the shortest summary I could give to Bombslinger, but it works, if only for a while. Start, die, repeat is the other theme here. Gameplay The first thing to learn about this game is that timing is everything. Your bombs have a very clear and consistent fuse. Learning that makes Continue Reading...

Titan Quest: Ragnarok Expansion PC Review

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Ancient Greece, Egypt, China and more were one of my favourite playgrounds many years ago, specifically though Titan Quest and its expansion. Now they’ve added a whole new expansion to it I have to admit I was surprised. Not only was a surprised at the release, but in how they were able to keep the spirit. Where it does fall Continue Reading...

Surviving Mars Xbox One Review

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Once again it’s a trip to one of neighbours, the planet Mars. Red, dusty and ready to be colonised, if you’re able to find the resources to do it. Managing drones and repairs, finally bringing in colonists, it takes time to develop. Just like this game needs a little more polish. Gameplay Another game that takes you to Mars. Rather Continue Reading...

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