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Paul Barbara


Position: Daily Joystick Podcast Founder & Site Owner / Australian Podcast Host / Game Reviewer / Editorial Writer / PR Manager

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, my family, collecting old retro games and podcasting to the world.

Quick Facts: I’m 40, been an avid gamer since I was 5 (1981) and owned almost all systems possible in that time. I love podcasting, having produced over 230 episodes over the last 6 years and I get a real buzz out of discussing all the gaming news with other gamers.
I have a strong passion for the video game industry and my goals are to inform and share as much news and information to our readers and listeners as I can. 


Xbox Live: Boost King
PSN Network: The_Boost_King
Wii U NNID: Boosty

CJ Taylor


Position: Podcast Member / Game Reviewer / Facebook Community Moderator

Hobbies/Interests: Enjoying activities with my 2 children, Gaming, Creating Art, Podcasting, Watching movies and US TV

Quick Facts: I am a 37 year old gamer, I play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U and PC. I have been gaming since the early 80’s (feel old now) on Commodore 64, Most Sega; Nintendo; PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. I now primarily play games on Xbox One and am enjoying all that the new generation of gaming is offering.


Xbox Live: lml Joker

PSN ID: lml_Joker

Wii U NNID: Joker78

Leon Peters-Malone


Position: Game Reviewer / Editorial Writer / Facebook Community Moderator

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, electronic, table top war games, table top role playing, music and movie buff.

Quick Facts: Old hat gamer who’s start goes back to the Sega Mega Drive and still remembers seeing the Genesis on store shelves. Mainly a strategy gamer, I dabble in most other genres. There’s a long list of stand out titles I want to see come back, Ground Control, Homeworld, Mech Commander, a proper send off to the Tiberium world of Westwood’s creation. Also very partial to most things set in space, especially at the fleet side of things. Current gaming gear include the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PS3 and PC.


Xbox Live: MingledFoot

PSN Network: MingledFoot

Steam ID: LionofPerth

Shane Rowles


Position: Podcast Member / Facebook Community Moderator

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, cars, music and travelling.

Quick Facts: I’m 26, been playing video games since a very young age.  The passion started with our very first Sega master system and the inbuilt Alex the kid. Since then I have personally owned pretty much every console and handheld. Huge online gamer these days, I love nothing more than throwing down a couple of rounds of Cod/Forza/Battlefront and whatever else everyone is playing these days.


Xbox Live: Cannonshane
PSN Network: Cannonshane
Wii U NNID: Cannonshane

Kyle PJ Dunn


Position: Game Reviewer / Facebook Community Moderator / Podcast Member

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, family & friends, movies and
attending concerts.

Quick Facts: Born in the back end of the 80’s I got to experience Nintendo,
Sony and Xbox from the beginning. Gaming has always been a big part of my life and
continues to be so today as it does help take your mind away from the daily
grind.  I live in Sydney and am a father to a beautiful young girl. I’ve worked for several different gaming websites and before joining Daily Joystick and I have a real passion for video games.


Xbox Live: Crispybiscuitt

PSN Network: Kyle020

Wii U NNID: Crispy

Chris Kyriacou

chrisk - Copy

Position: Game Reviewer / Facebook Community Moderator / Podcast Member

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, Tech, Business, Fitness

Quick Facts: I’ve been an avid gamer since the age of 6, with my first ever console and game being the PlayStation 1 and Crash Bandicoot. I’ve lived and loved the great Gameboy era and I’m passionate about portable gaming. I’m currently playing most consoles, but love the Nintendo 3DS, Vita, PlayStation 4 and most recently, the Nintendo Switch! My dream job would be in game journalism or as a game developer, and my plan for retirement is to go back and play my shameless and ever-growing backlog of games.


PSN: Kyriacou48

XBL: Kyriacou48

Nintendo ID: Kyriacou48


Previous Staff

Here at Daily Joystick Podcasts we would like to acknowledge our former staff and contributors who have contributed to the sight in many different ways.  We appreciate everything you have done for us, and you’re work will always be proudly displayed.

Larry Ragland


Previous Position: American Podcast Host

Hobbies/Interests: Church, my family, kenpo, gaming, writing…there is a lot I could mention. I also love anything Halo.

Quick Facts: I am a lifelong gamer who has owned every console to hit our shores since the 8-bit NES. I currently game on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 & Wii U. I am a martial-arts instructor pursuing my BA in Journalism. I’m following my dream of writing about the lifestyle I love and one day finding my way to 343 Studios.


Xbox Live: mendicant wages

Gavin Peterson


Position: Game Reviewer 

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming

Quick Facts: I spent my childhood growing up in a fish and chip shop, along with it came arcade machines. A child of the 80’s, my introduction to gaming came with Ikari Warriors, Black Tiger, 1942 and whatever else was installed in our machines. Has been a console owner since the Sega Master System, owning various consoles. I have been writing and podasting about gaming since 2010.  I also have a Bioshock inspired tattoo on my calf.


PSN: bigpav53

XBL: greyghost76

Robert Glisy


Previous Position: Game Reviewer

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