EB Expo 2016 Highlights

The EB Expo 2016 has come and now gone for another year.  It was truly an amazing three days filled with video gaming goodness, cosplay galore and more merchandise than you could shake a wii mote at.  Below are some pictures from the event itself as well as a video highlights reel to boot.

EB Expo 2016 Highlights Reel

EB Expo 2016 Images

A great shot of the show floor from above.


Sony Playstation’s booth, very impressive indeed.


Xbox booth was no slouch either with Occulus rift, Forza, Gears and Dead Rising 4.


PC Gamers play the latest games on high end gaming machines.


For those who were lucky (or unlucky) enough to try nosulous rift for Southpark the fractured but whole.


Ah the Just Dance 2017 crew, amazing!  I don’t know where they found the stamina to dance for 3 days straight!!


Some awesome cosplay of Harley Quinn.


Lets not forget the brilliant cosplay for Dishonored 2.


Attendees were able to try Occulus Rift with Minecraft for Xbox One.


And finally, PlayStation VR which was a big hit with fans this year.


If you missed EB Expo 2016 don’t despair, its coming back again in 2017 and we’ll see you there.


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