EB Expo 2016 – Mafia 3 Impressions

Mafia 3 admittedly was a title that for some time had completely flown under my personal radar, that was until a few of weeks prior to EB Expo 2016. To my surprise, Mafia 3 had a very elegant old style/retro Hollywood movie theatre set up inside the expo and I was curious to see what it was all about.


Although no physical game was playable a short film was instead shown to the viewers, it included both a cinematic trailer and snippets of gameplay from various areas of New Bordeaux. A map loosely based around a 1968 version of New Orleans.

You play as lead character Lincoln Clay, an orphaned Vietnam Vet, a young man who is attempting to overthrow the Italian mob by building his own empire. New Bordeaux is a huge open world ready for the player to explore. Complete various missions to take back turf from the Italians is pretty much the basic idea behind the game. Shoot, kill and steal whatever you need to get the job done.


The main reason this is my game of the expo is due to presentation. Mafia 3 looked gorgeous, the music blended really well with the time period. The story line seems to present itself very well. Overall it caught my attention and instantly had me pulling out my phone to search for more details on the game, which doesn’t happen that often as I’m usually overly critical of game trailers.

It could be a combination of both the story line and the presentation of the trailer itself, but personally I’m really looking forward to this game and cannot wait to see how it plays out with a controller in my own hands. I was so excited, I sat through and watched the presentation all over again and I cannot wait till its release on October 7th.


Here is the EB Expo 2016 trailer which was shown at Gamescon recently, and we hope you enjoy it.

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Shane Rowles

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