EB Expo 2016 – South Park the Fractured but Whole Impressions

One game I was more than excited to check out was South Park the Fractured but Whole. With its recently announced delay till 2017, I thought it would be a good idea to at least check out what they have to offer presently.

The stand for South Park’s new game was quite large and had a massive Cartman statue out the front where he was dressed as his super hero alter ego “The Coon”. It wasn’t long after lining up that my group was allowed in and given time to sit down and try out the game and depending on how you view this, lucky me I got to try on the Nosulus rift. Yep it actually exists. What I once thought was just a joke actually turned out to be a real accessory for the game.  I sat down and put on this device that was made as a peripheral that emits the odour of flatulence ala a new and strange type of VR, and obviously a spoof of the Oculus Rift.  You could instantly smell something when putting it on but that didn’t compare to when it let smells off as you let the air of your bowels loose in the game, never again.


South Park the Fractured but Whole looked and played amazingly well, and was noticeably better than The Stick of Truth. The Fractured but Whole blew me away both in terms of its visuals and its gameplay style.  There were a few glitches during certain speech filled areas but it didn’t falter the game especially given this was early code that seemed to just affect my gaming station only.


Shortly into the demonstration I found myself surrounded by several of the young South Park kids in Cartman’s house, which was after finding a way downstairs to the secret lair.  The door was code locked with a pretty funny combination that I had to find and input in order to get downstairs. After a small cut scene Cartman told me it was time for me to pick my Superhero’s power and then Cartman of course made up a ridiculous back story for my character and how he became a super hero.  Apparently after walking in of my parents in the middle of…ahem…cuddling…my character vowed to never again let my father…cuddle his mother ever again. During the backstory I came across intruders in my house that I had to defeat using my super powers.  It was here I was introduced to the newly improved turn based attacking system that appeared to be a bit more flushed out than its predecessor. You are able to choose from several different attacks and after attacking the enemies so much, you eventually built up a super finisher which was cool. As only one super power was available during the demo I was a speedster.


After the backstory, the gameplay demo jumped ahead and I found myself on the streets in the town of South Park. The Ubisoft representative was handing out tips to players and I was told to progress to the left that would help the story along as time was short and we only had so long with the game. Alas I progressed onwards and found myself up against some of the other town’s kids as it seemed at some point we had all broken up and were fighting against one another. So I was making my way battling some of the others boys and before it ended my time with the game was sadly up.


I really enjoyed the time I had with South Park the Fractured but Whole and whilst I am somewhat sad that it is delayed until next year.  Although on the flip side I’m happy with the delay as I am sure all the extra polish will really help South Park the Fractured but Whole shine when it’s released, hopefully without the Nosulus experience.

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Kyle PJ Dunn

Born in the back end of the 80's I got to experience Nintendo, Sony and Xbox from the beginning. Gaming has always been a big part of my life and continues to be so today as it does help take your mind away from the daily grind. I live in Sydney and am a father to a beautiful young girl. I've worked for several different gaming websites and before joining Daily Joystick and I have a real passion for video games.

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