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I am perfectly willing to accept the fact that it’s just my opinion, but it’s been a while since we have seen a game that genuinely looks “bad.” We have consoles that are way past their prime, yet they keep churning out great looking games; Grand Theft Auto V and Beyond Two Souls being the most recent examples. However, no matter what we see from both current and next generation graphics, people still find something to complain about.


Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Gears of War 3, and I kept saying to myself, this game looks great. I look at next generation titles like Ryse, Forza 5 and others and I think to myself, these titles look amazing. So what’s the fuss about? People complain about games not being native 1080p and up scaling being “cheap,” but to me, I just see great looking titles that we should all be excited about. To some extent I understand the argument made by those who demand higher resolutions. As a console gamer, it has been an amazing ride over the years since the 8-bit NES, so I’m totally satisfied. I could see if you’re a PC only gamer, but for the rest of us, what’s the big deal?


An article was posted to popular gaming site, Neogaf, in which a rumor that the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, is only 720p while the Playstation 4 version is 1080. As you would think, people went nuts over this. To me, when I see footage of the game, I think it looks great. Not amazing, but much better than what we have now, yet, people are arguing over it. I respect the notion of wanting the best we can get but some of the responses are over the top. For example, several readers made the point that this is an example of the X1 being “vastly” underpowered compared to the competition. I look at it and say, that’s a damn good looking game and I can’t wait to play it.


I can only imagine what it must be like as an artist or designers to have your hard work shredded by people that have no clue what they’re talking about. It seems that the thing to do is hate on anything that isn’t meeting whatever preconceived standards they’ve made in their own minds. I’m tired of reading about how game X doesn’t live up to Y standards. As far as I’m concerned, pretty much everything I’ve seen lately looks good to fantastic and I can’t wait to see where console gaming goes from here.


I’ve been a gamer for a long time. Over the years I have grown to appreciate (more and more) the hard work and dedication it takes to bring the games we love to life. I can understand calling out a game that looks genuinely bad, but I think we need to move past the point where we call out every single little detail. If you care that much about graphics, go PC. If not, relax and appreciate what we do have. It could always be worse.

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Larry Ragland

Husband, father, gamer, journalist, kenpo instructor. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Tempest. Writer/co-host of the Dailyjoysitck pod cast. I’m a lot like Bob Seger. I’m older now but still runnin against the wind. I have been gaming since the early 80’s and haven’t looked back.

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