Why are we picking up the Xbox One?

Gamers, November 22nd is a big day for the Xbox community as it’s the launch date of Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One. Here at DJ the team have come up with their own personal reason as to what they are most looking forward to with the launch of Xbox One. So let’s see what has the DJ team excited.

The upcoming release of the Xbox One brings greater excitement each day in the countdown to November 22nd. Leaping ahead from the very popular success of the 360, Xbox One brings new technologies and innovative design to both the console and OS dashboard with its many features that will truly be an entertainment experience like never before. This new system can only be complemented by the calibre of the titles announced for launch and the following months ahead, let alone whatever is already in the pipeline for the future. I wanted to pick one thing that I am eagerly waiting for, but I can’t. I want it all. It is anyone’s guess where this console will lead us in the coming years, but it is a journey I personally am looking forward to, and I’m looking forward to experiencing it with my friends in ways I never have before.


Call me crazy, but I’m most looking forward to the latest iteration of Kinect. There is a lot of potential in that camera and I think Microsoft putting it at the forefront of the Xbox One experience says that they have a few surprises in store for us. Gaming applications aside, I can’t wait to use it using multimedia functions. The potential for games and entertainment using Kinect can really take off, seeing as how it comes included with every console and the fact that it has been beefed up technologically speaking.


Next gen is just around the corner folks and the one thing I am looking forward to the most is the games. The Xbox One gives us a wide variety of choice in exclusives on launch such as; Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and RYSE: Son of Rome which not only do I find to look spectacular on the new hardware, but predict to be very enjoyable games that I and others will come to love immensely. In my opinion to be a true gamer, you must only care about one thing with your console and that is what games are on their system and do they strike an interest on you. Instead it seems all the commotion about Next Gen is how big his or hers RAM is or how high his or her console specs can run up to. I think people need to stop deciding with specs and focus on personal interests with what is most important when buying a console, the games. Bring on Next Gen!


What I am looking forward to the most about the Xbox One are the games. I am eager to try every one of them just to see how far they have come. With the newer graphics and systems that can run the games more smoothly I have no doubt that I will be amazed. Especially Project Spark which is a game I am excited to get my hands on. The fact I could build anything and customize it the way I want shows a great deal about what is yet to come our way.


The next generation for Microsoft is one of the most exciting for me yet. I’ve always viewed Microsoft as a company that continues to develop new ways to game, whether it was Online Gaming via Xbox Live, downloadable content for games or Kinect, this generation has seen a fair level of change. This change in my opinion has been for the better. Now, as we head into the next generation I am excited in many different ways and on many different levels. New games, new franchises, new experiences are all at my fingertips, however there is one feature that lures me towards Xbox One over any other console in the world and that is Xbox Live.

Xbox Live has proven to be a very successful and stable platform to game with online. Whether it’s the ease at which you can find a match, to the ease of creating a party chat, inviting and finding friends, comparing gamercards and achievements, messaging and more, Xbox Live has continued to evolve. Microsoft’s network is safe and reliable and for me represents the hub where all my friends, family and community game. This is the biggest reason why I’ve chosen to game on the Xbox One. My gaming style has changed over the last 8 years with Xbox 360 and LIVE and I no longer play games alone. The idea of being connected always and enjoying so many wider experiences and experiencing an evolution of the experiences I already have, plus many new ones is something I value immensely with Microsoft. I cannot wait to see how Xbox Live will evolve over the next 5-7 years. I am sure and almost guarantee we’ll look back to today and say “I can’t believe we lived without that!”


Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our reasons why were all picking up an Xbox One this generation. We look forward to talking more about our experiences when we get our grubby hands on our new consoles on November 22nd. Till then gamers!

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Paul Barbara

I'm 38, been an avid gamer since I was 5 (1981) and owned almost all systems possible in that time. I love podcasting, having produced over 180 episodes over the last 5 years and I get a real buzz out of discussing all this gaming news with other gamers. So tune in!

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