E3 2018: Press Conference dates and times confirmed!

With E3 2018 just around the corner we have compiled a work in progress list so far as to the conference dates and times.  These have been converted to our Aussie audience as follows:

EA Conference
Saturday Jun 9 @ 11:00am PT equates to:
Sunday Jun 10 @ 2:00am Western Australia
Sunday Jun 10 @ 3:30am South Australia
Sunday Jun 10 @ 4:00am New South Wales/Queensland/Victoria

Microsoft Conference
Sunday Jun 10 @ 01:00pm PT equates to:
Monday Jun 11 @ 4:00am Western Australia
Monday Jun 11 @ 5:30am South Australia
Monday Jun 11 @ 6:00am New South Wales/Queensland/Victoria

Bethesda Conference
Sunday Jun 10 @ 06:30pm PT equates to:
Monday Jun 11 @ 9:30am Western Australia
Monday Jun 11 @ 11:00am South Australia
Monday Jun 11 @ 11:30am New South Wales/Queensland/Victoria

Ubisoft Conference
Monday Jun 11 @ 01:00pm PT equates to:
Tuesday Jun 12 @ 4:00am Western Australia
Tuesday Jun 12 @ 5:30am South Australia
Tuesday Jun 12 @ 6:00am New South Wales/Queensland/Victoria

Nintendo Direct
Tuesday Jun 12 @ 09:00am PT equates to:
Wednesday Jun 13 @ 12:00am Western Australia
Wednesday Jun 13 @ 1:30am South Australia
Wednesday Jun 13 @ 2:00am New South Wales/Queensland/Victoria

Sony Conference – Time Unknown

We’ll continue to update this article as we receive more information.

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