EB Expo 2017 – Detroit Become Human Hands on Impressions

The second game that we stumbled upon at this year’s EB Expo 2017 was Detroit Become Human for the PlayStation 4.  I must admit, none of the DJ Podcast team had any preconceptions or thoughts about Detroit Become Human leading up to the Expo.  Gladly so, as Detroit Become Human managed to captivate our minds and have us all clinging to the edge of our seats, literally.  Detroit Become Human is set to be another smash hit for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.  Let’s see what the team thought below.


Who would have thought there would be a world where Androids and Humans lived side by side?   Movies such as iRobot have touched on this thought in the past and it can be a beautiful world with robots assisting mankind and becoming integrated into our lives.  But what happens when a robot goes rogue?  This is what happens when a robot suddenly develops the ability to process feelings and emotions?  This is what happened in the short demo that I went hands on with, a young girl was being held hostage by her android and it was up to me to resolve the situation.  The only catch though was that I too was an android and the reception towards me was very hostile indeed.  My objective here was to discover as many clues and piece together the crime scene in a bid to talk down the android in this situation.  Much like a Heavy Rain style of game play, you must interact with items with the right thumb stick as well as search to find clues to increase your odds of success.  The lower you odds the different the outcome will be.  This is the beauty of Detroit Become Human; your choices trigger different outcomes that affect the way you play.  Detroit Become Human stood out to me as one of the best games of show that exceeded my expectations whilst low, yet it managed to pull me in ever so quickly wanting more, much more indeed.

detroit 1


I have had an interest in Detroit Become Human since the announcement back in 2015. Although the plot and gameplay style was unclear, it still sparked curiosity. Having played a small mission now, I am more excited to get my hands on the final release next year. It is certainly clear that the level of detail in the environments and characters is extensive with thanks to the new engine that was created. The game ran smoothly and everything appeared to be well polished, regardless of being just an Alpha vertical slice. The controls were very responsive and interaction required use of every input source on the controller including the sensor pad.

Something that did raise a question for me was the actual interaction controls, eg. Push right and sweep down motion of the right stick. This is a very unique choice for a controller based game which leads me to wonder if they may also consider a VR version as well?  I really liked the way the game doesn’t hold your hand throughout. In this mission, being a crime scene investigation scenario, you could skip a lot of the detective work but chances of a positive outcome are severely diminished. Also, the time spent conducting your investigation does also impact on the urgency of the situation so you do feel the need to balance accuracy and timeliness. I really liked the experience and am definitely looking forward to the release of Detroit Become Human next year.

Detroit 2


What else can I say about this title other than its mind blowing!  Previously I had seen game play footage for Detroit Become Human from E3; however it still hadn’t grabbed me enough to be really interested though. That was until we were allowed to go hands on at the EB Expo. Struggling to put this into words it was an experience like no other, a game that I really cannot classify into a genre. The mechanics are nothing ground breaking nor are they anything new, however the very small part of the story we are shown takes you on an emotional roller coaster.  The power really is in your hands and the outcome depends solely on how you the player reacts to a certain objects or scenarios in your surroundings. One wrong choice can drastically alter the final outcome. Visually it’s a beautiful looking game that is really shown in scenes with close up shots of your character. Facial expressions seem very life like and physical looks of emotion are very prevalent in several parts. I highly suggest getting some hands on time with this title if you get the chance. I’m extremely excited to play Detroit Become  Human when it releases in 2018.

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Be sure to pick up Detroit Become Human when it launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 worldwide 2018.


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