EB Expo 2017 – Super Lucky’s Tale Hands on Impressions

At this year’s EB Expo 2017 I went hands on with Super Lucky’s Tale for the Xbox One X.  Super Lucky’s Tale was a title that was completely off my radar and I had no particular interest in it at all; that was until I picked up the controller. Over the weekend during our EB Expo podcast I stated and quote that “this is exactly what Yooka-Laylee should have been”.  Super Lucky’s Tale is a very well polished platforming adventure game that is easily accessible to all but still contains enough depth and ingenuity.


Super Lucky’s Tale is an adventure that has you follow the tales of Lucky on his quest to find his inner strength and help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx who is the villain trying to reshape the world. What I love about Super Lucky’s Tale is the beautiful design of the world and its heaven for platforming fans out there.  The world I played required me to find 3 ancient balls which transformed into little characters that helped to free a giant stone creature.  Although a relatively simple plot in this short demo, however finding each of the three characters involved exploring every inch of the world which is where the fun is at.  Exploring hidden passages and caves, to jumping from platform to platform, the world was vast and the puzzles were fun.


The game mechanics are spot on and everything happens how you expect it to and feels very tight. Instant lovable charm draws you in with the colourful environments and well-designed levels. If this game includes a well written story line then I can see it becoming a big hit for young and old. Super Lucky’s tale feels like a throwback to games of yesteryear but also feels somewhat refreshing; it might have something to do with the stunning 4K graphics thanks to the Xbox One X. Put simply, you can count me in for this when it launches as I was pleasantly surprised, as was the rest of the DJ Podcast team.


Be sure to pick up Super Lucky’s Tale when it launches exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7th 2017.


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Shane Rowles

I'm 26, been playing video games since a very young age. The passion started with our very first Sega master system and the inbuilt 'Alex the kid'. Since then I have personally owned pretty much every console and handheld. Huge online gamer these days, I love nothing more than throwing down a couple of rounds of Cod/Forza/Battlefront and whatever else everyone is playing these days.

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