Pokémon Ultra Sun Review

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon are out now and become the second ‘sequel’ releases, following Pokémon Black & White 2. Whether you are a fan of the sequel releases or not, they do offer extra features, modes as well as a handful of new Pokémon to catch. Read on for details on what’s included in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon.


For the purpose of this review, I played Pokémon Ultra Sun and you could be forgiven that aside from some minor variations here and there, there is not a lot at the start of this game that differs from Pokémon Sun and Moon. But that should not discourage you from picking up this game as the majority of changes occur much later in the game and the pay-off is worth it.

Pokemon Ultra Sun 3

The first addition you will come across is the Mantine Surfing. At several locations of beach land across the islands, you are able to partake in a mini-game where you perform stunts that will earn you Battle Points which can be used to purchase new surfing moves and abilities.

I did notice the new Totem Stickers, that are located all over Alola, early and that is something I recommend for all players as they grant you access to Totem Pokémon which you can add to your team. The quantity of stickers that you trade will determine which Pokémon you will receive. You can acquire 6 different Pokémon per version.

Pokemon Ultra Sun 2

For a bit of fun aside from the main story, there is a new mode called Battle Agency. This allows you to try out some Pokémon that you may or may not have caught. This can help you learn new tactics for battling, but moreso it really stood out to me as a new variation or homage to Pokémon Stadium.

It has been recently revealed, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will be the last Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS console. If anything, I got the impression that these games were tying up the series, but I’ll explain this thought process.

The ridiculous Team Skull is still present, but they are part of a collective called Team Rainbow Rocket, headed by none other than Giovanni. This collective also includes every villain team since Pokémon Red and Blue.

Also, for the first time ever, you can also acquire every Legendary Pokémon that has ever appeared, of course availability will vary depending on which game you own.

Pokemon Ultra Sun 4

Based on these features, it is very reminiscent of the finale to every long-running TV show, bring back long-gone characters, some form of twist, and an epic final scene.

The truth however, is that Pokémon games will continue on the Nintendo Switch and they will surely continue to entertain fans as they have done for so many years.

Audio & Visuals

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are visually and audibly exactly the same as their predecessor. The environments still look great for the animated style. Everything runs very smoothly and without any noticeable glitches. The audio throughout is very stock standard, very similar repetitive music mixed in with the same battle sound effects, arguably something that has become iconic for every Pokémon game.

Pokemon Ultra Sun 1


One could be forgiven to mistake Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon for their predecessors within the first few hours of gameplay. This being due to the majority of new additions appearing late in the story. As it stands though, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is virtually a must-buy due to its long-term fan base as well as new-comers. It is sad to know that this is the final 3DS Pokémon main-stream game, but I will look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the Switch generation of Pokémon games.


Thank you to Nintendo for providing a copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun for review.

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