Rocket League Nintendo Switch Review

Get ready to burst into action with Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t let its portability fool you as this is probably the best way to play Rocket League with your friends.


Rocket League landed on consoles back in 2015 and was an instant success.  For those wondering, Rocket League is essentially soccer but with cars instead of million dollar contracted players.  You drive around the soccer field and your aim is to plant the very large and oversized ball into the back of the net.  You have the ability to maneuverer your car not only forwards and backwards, left to right, but also you can jump and flip and use the walls as ramps in an attempt to reach the ball.


Fast forward two years and Rocket League has made its way to the Nintendo Switch thanks to developer Panic Button who were tasked with the port.  I must admit prior to playing the Nintendo Switch version I hadn’t played more than a few hours of the game on other systems.  Not for any reason other than time and my busy schedule, I just could never find the time to sit down and enjoy it.  However now thanks to the Nintendo Switch version I can take that Rocket League experience anywhere and anytime and enjoy that fast paced action gameplay. 

The games controls are relatively easy to master but difficult to execute on demand.  The hard part was trying to ensure your car lines up where it’s needed to ensure the ball follows the direction you want it to.  Most of the time it felt that the ball was just bouncing around the field without any form of control, however the better your skills the more accurate the balls trajectory. It is somewhat a game of chance as well as patience as you can spend countless hours perfecting your technique.  The more I continued to play the better I became; it was as simple as that.  The Nintendo Switch version also offers two unique cars, both themed in either red or green, representing Mario and Luigi which I found to be a great idea.



In terms of online play one of the great points to note is that Rocket Leagues online servers are connected across all platforms with the except of Sony, for reasons I won’t get into in this review.  That being said, having access to all the other versions means that there are literally thousands and thousands of players and matches ready to rock and roll which meant I was never waiting more than a few seconds to be placed into a match.  There is also a toggle option that allows you to search for only Nintendo Switch owners if you prefer.


The Nintendo Switch also supports local split screen play on the go which is a great addition.  It works relatively well if you can handle using the very small JoyCons, but that aside it worked fine.

Graphics & Sound

Visually Rocket League has had some of the details removed in order for the game to run flawlessly on Nintendo’s latest console.  Frame rate is certainly key here and Rocket League does chuff along nicely whether in docked mode or portable mode.  There are some noticeable jagged edges and a little less detail in the environments, but who really cares?  Rarely do I have time to stop and admire the scenery when I am frantically boosting across the soccer field trying to chase down the ball and score a goal.



Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch is a fun title to play whilst you’re on the go.  In fact, if your designated to the couch you may find the Switch’s detail less than that of its next gen counterparts, but still that doesn’t make it any less fun.  Its frantic action, anytime, anywhere and that’s enough reason for me to jump on board.


Thank you to OutrageousPR for providing a copy of Rocket League for review.

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