Friday the 13th Review

Friday the 13th is finally a video game for the new age. Developed by IllFonic, and published by Gun Media, Friday the 13th  the video game is based off of the popular horror movie series that came to life thanks to Kickstarter and Backerkit.


Friday the 13th The video game puts you in the boots of either Jason Voorhees himself or one of the camp counsellors. First let’s talk about the counsellors. Each either female or male have their own attributes that make them stand out most in one field. These are Composure, Luck, Repair, Speed, Stamina, Stealth and Strength. So, some are braver than others while a distinctive character can be less courageous but they are much faster when it comes to getting away from Jason. They all have their own set of skills, with each stat at a level from 1 to 10. Some skills are repair, which when you are fixing a car up to escape it determines how fast and easy the QTE is the accomplish when installing a car battery or even putting fuel in the car. Each individual counsellor has their own perks to be chosen by the player depending on how they wish to handle the situation. I always found going with the counsellor with the most mid-range skills was the best way to handle each match.


Along with their own starting stats, the player can also roll for perks by using CP which is earned by completing a match and performed certain tasks in game which also helps you gain XP and level up. After rolling a new perk which costs around 500CP and applying it to your chosen counsellor of choice, it gives them a special skill in game to help them survive. You could find a skill increases your base stamina for example but beware, each of these new rolled perks also has a slight disadvantage that could for example lower your chance of luck when trying to escape from Jason’s clutches.  You can also change your characters clothes as well, however I never really bothered playing around with that feature much.

So, there are some fun ways to customize your counsellor of choice to your liking thanks to the neat roll a perk option. Jason Voorhees is similar in a way, while he does not have perks exactly there are many different Jason skins to unlock as you level up. Each different skin carries a different weapon and a set of set skills. 3 being pro and another 3 for con. For example, Jason can morph around the map (I think the developers may have meant warp but whatever) and appear in front of an unsuspecting counsellor and go for the kill, and the con to that may be that Jason is unable to run. Which is frustrating, while not having the roll a perk feature like the counsellors he does have a selection of different executions that he can perform on the counsellors.  You can select up to four different executions to perform as well.


While in game Jason stalks the counsellors after leaving his hut and counsellors are located on the main screen represented by blinking white indicators. These are given off by counsellors who are running or are doing something to make noise which alerts Jason to their presence. Jason also has four special abilities that charge over time and after each use that help aid him in taking down the counsellors. He can break down locked and barricaded doors to enter houses, windows as well can be broken so that when counsellors try to dive or jump through them end up cutting themselves on broken glass which injures and slows them down, making them easy prey for Jason.

Now while Jason sounds like an overpowered character and he really can be, thankfully counsellors also have various ways to stun Jason. Flare guns, shotguns, machetes, baseball bats you name it. All of these and more can be used to stun Jason so that you can make your escape. It is also possible to kill Jason, but to accomplish this requires a series of complex events in order to perform the killing blow. Maybe the developers will make it much easier to do but to kill Jason a certain number of tasks are needed to be performed before taking him down is possible.


Counsellors aren’t completely doomed though as there are a number of ways to escape. As I said previously you can repair a car by finding some fuel and filling it up, and locating the keys and battery. This isn’t an impossible task as I have repaired and escaped in a car many times. Make sure you repair the right car though as one car can only hold two players while another holds four.  You can also repair a boat on some maps by finding its rudder and filling it with fuel. The boat allows for two people to escape. You can also call the police by locating and repairing the phone. Police take approximately five minutes to arrive so at that point you just have to avoid Jason and make it to the exit on the map that they arrive at. One cool feature is the addition to Tommy Jarvis in the game. He is hailed in by finding the building with a large red antenna next to it which calls him to the field of play and resurrects a player that may have fallen earlier in the game.

One major downside and one I hope they fix down the line somehow is that unfortunately to get 500xp for finishing a match which is a big chunk to get in this game, you are required to sit and wait for the entire 20-minute match. It is a lot to ask of someone especially if they died early in the game. This can be a big pain to have to sit and wait for either people to escape or be killed. Most of the time I found myself opening up Chrome and doing other things until the match finished or I was called in to be Tommy. So, my best advice is if you want to level up is to not leave the match because just for being a part of it you are rewarded 500xp which helps a lot early on.


Graphics and Sound

Friday the 13th The game isn’t pretty. Not style wise but more so in terms of its gameplay design. There are bugs and glitches aplenty. I won’t list them thought because bugs aside F13 is still a fun game to play. I’ve been playing this on my PC and I have had a great time. I haven’t personally run into any major bugs myself but I’ve seen enough GIFs around the net to know that they are out there. Sound design is great as well, for example the stalking sound that plays when Jason is nearby, creeps players out as the music and tone increases as you try to escape.



Friday the 13th The Game isn’t technically pretty. Some of the character designs are quite laughable as their facial reactions are way out there and clearly need some work done on them.  Not to mention the well documented bugs and glitches that infiltrate this game. It seems the developers have fixed the server issues across the platforms and now are focusing on fixing other issues. While I understand this isn’t a large studio working on it, and despite its recent release, this is not acceptable for a game that costs $50. That is a lot of money for a game in this state. At its current state, I can’t entirely recommend it. While I am having an awesome time with it I have to score it for what is given here in its current state. Friday the 13th the game is fun but given its issues its best to leave it be.


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Kyle PJ Dunn

Born in the back end of the 80's I got to experience Nintendo, Sony and Xbox from the beginning. Gaming has always been a big part of my life and continues to be so today as it does help take your mind away from the daily grind. I live in Sydney and am a father to a beautiful young girl. I've worked for several different gaming websites and before joining Daily Joystick and I have a real passion for video games.

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