Minecraft Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack DLC Review

Minecraft is still getting new content and DLC to keep the game fresh and customisable for players. The latest addition to the game is a skin pack that has been wanted for some time, Magic: The Gathering characters are now available for Windows 10 and Pocket editions of Minecraft.


For some time now, the only way fane of Magic: The Gathering have had to rely on the modding community to get anything close to characters in Minecraft. But now, owners of the Windows 10 and Pocket editions can now access the official DLC. Console owners will get access as well in the near future.


The thing you really need to note is that this DLC is just a skin pack only. There are no themed worlds or Magic specific elements in any way. What you will receive are 15 characters that have been created in the style of some very popular characters from Magic: The Gathering.

Fans will know that the original characters are heavily detailed, and the task was not an easy one to compress that amount of detail into the simplistic model in Minecraft, but it has been done very well indeed.


For your selection, you will have the choice of Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Nissa, Ajani, Nicol Bolas, Emrakul, Tezzeret, Samut, Saheeli Rai, Tamiyo, Avacyn, Dovin Baan, and Haroret.


The Minecraft Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack DLC finally gives Magic fans the opportunity to dress up like their favourite characters within their Minecraft worlds. I would have liked to see some form of extra content, possibly a themed world but either way, it is good to see an official release of these characters.

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