Attack on Titan 2 (AOT2) PlayStation 4 Review

Attack on Titan 2 or AOT 2 is the sequel to the well received first entry in the series. Now since the release of the second season of the television series we have a sequel which not only covers the second season but goes back over the first season as well. Something that owners of the first may find annoying to go over again, but something that I myself, someone who didn’t get to play the first AOT game is fine with doing.  Developed by Omega force, a Japanese developer and a division of Koei Tecmo. We are given a game that does a damn fine job of recreating the feeling of zipping around with your ODM gear. While some aspects of AOT 2 really impressed me, however there were others that held the game back from being something even more amazing. Let’s discuss.


First off Attack on Titan 2 is a lot of fun to play. It doesn’t take long to get a hang of the controls when it comes to zipping around dodging buildings and setting up an attack path to take down a titan. However, at times the camera can be a tad of an issue as many of my attacks would falter due to me not knowing exactly how close I was to the titan. Kind of like looking into a side mirror on your car, some objects may appear further away then they appear. So I would hit the attack button to strike and I would be way more off then I previously thought. This isn’t game breaking at all as you will take down numerous titans and I never found my character in any real danger. But it did become frustrating at times.


When you do dive into the game you get to pick the name and look of your character from a few stock designed character models. This won’t really change the story much as you are still playing the main story of AOT as a side character that wasn’t in the original source material.  However, once you jump in and join the Garrison Regiment you will notice several characters that you can interact with from the television show. You build relationships with these characters through conversation and carefully choosing the correct response to increase your friendship meter. When a friendship levels up you unlock the ability to be able to control them in a separate mode and other skills for your character may be unlocked as well. You can use characters from the show in a range of different missions, mostly scout missions. You can also jump online and compete in a 4v4 mode with these characters.

Now onto the main attraction of Attack on Titan 2. The Titans themselves. These interactions in combat are so much fun. There are roughly 5 areas on a Titan that you can attack and how much damage can be dealt out all depends on your angle and speed. Just before hitting the titan you can use a gas boost via your ODM gear to launch yourself forward and faster to deal out more damage.


Depending on how you have also set yourself up you may even be treated to a cool little snippet of your character pulling off an awesome attack. Each weak spot on the Titans may also offer up some item bonuses for taking those limbs out. Once a section is completed you find out what items you picked up. Depending on what you get you can also use these to upgrade your weapons and ODM gear to help take down tougher Titans like the Abnormals. After a while taking down Titans will start to feel like second nature as you will get used to the controls quickly and when you do you will find yourself enjoying zipping around. I haven’t had this much fun traversing a world since Spiderman 2.

Weapons and ODM gear are upgraded using items either picked up from completing side missions you come across and complete out on the field, or from hacking off a Titans leg or arm. You can also pick them up during down time from stores or merchants in-between story sections. You can use these items to forge or reinforce your weapons.

Graphics & Sound

Cutscenes, Character and Titan designs are flawless and look fantastic. The rest of the game however? It all feels very empty and hollow. I understand a good chunk of the people in this world would want to be as far away from the Titans but while flying around the towns inside the walls the only people around are the Regiments and the Titans themselves. It makes the games feel hollow. Sure, they’ve destroying buildings but there’s innocent people around everywhere. The only people being chomped on or grabbed are soldiers from the Regiment. It can’t be that hard to add in a little more life? Also, another gripe is the boring and endless copy and paste designs of the buildings. As fun as zipping around with my ODM gear was it got damn boring flying past the same scenery over and over.


I love Japanese culture. I myself want to learn to speak the language one day. Today however I can barely speak a word. Attack on Titan 2 is only subtitled. No English-speaking section here again which is a damn shame as the show itself is dubbed. It can be hard to concentrate on flying around taking down Titans while text is being displayed at the bottom of the screen that is basically telling the story of the world of Attack on Titan whilst I’m playing. It is all in Japanese, so I must try and read the subtitles while controlling my character in combat. It gets a bit much to juggle over time.


Attack on Titan 2 is a damn fun game to play and if like me you haven’t played the first game you will love this. However, people who played and finished the first game might find themselves frustrated at having to playing through the first season of the game again. If it wasn’t for me already knowing the story of Attack on Titan already, I can see someone who doesn’t getting frustrated with having to read endless lines of dialogue while at the same time having to play the game. Hopefully if there is a 3rd game we are finally gifted with an English dubbed version. To finish my final thoughts Attack on Titan 2 is an enjoyable game. Sadly, I rarely ever saw a price drop on the first game and still haven’t so for the asking price I’d say give it a pass if you’re on the fence about picking it up. If you’re a fan of the series like me I’d say go for it. You’ll enjoy what is on offer here, just don’t go expecting anything mind blowing in terms of content.


Thank you to Reboot PR for providing a copy of AOT2 for review purposes.

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Kyle PJ Dunn

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