Little Nightmares Review

Little Nightmares comes to us from Tarsier Studios and if you didn’t get the feeling during combat then you won’t be surprised to know they worked on previous LittleBigPlanet projects in the past alongside Media Molecule. But this is a game that’s unique and entirely separate from the LittleBigPlanet games as it comes with a much darker world and story. Does Little Nightmares find its own ground to walk on or does this new darker venture for Tarsier fall flat?


Little Nightmares plays similar to LBP games that Tarsier have worked on in the past yet this game stands on its own and it wasn’t until I finished Little Nightmares, did I find out the history behind Tarsier. From my point of view this game also seems like a head nod to story tellers like Tim Burton.


You play as Six, a young girl whose face you never see trying to find her way out of the Maw. A resort of sorts with a dark, shady and violent underbelly. Six navigates her way through kitchens, restaurants, and many different other floors filled with monstrous looking beasts that are several sizes larger than Six herself and are looking to capture her. Armed only with a cigarette lighter to shine her way through the darker parts of the Maw, Six with often find herself joined in the background by these little creatures called the Nome. Adorable little creatures that slightly resemble the Pyramid head villain from Silent Hill, but look much cuter and less threatening in their design here.


As you venture throughout different sections of the world you will find yourself performing light puzzle solving to continue forward. You’re either searching for a key to unlock a door or flicking a switch to get a machine working to get you on your way. You’ll find yourself jumping and using the grab button a lot to get to where you need to go. I found myself just missing certain sections I had to grab onto and hold, so expect to die a lot much like I did. Thankfully though loading screens aren’t long here so you’re back into the game to continue where you left off. You also move pieces of furniture like chairs by yourself to unlock doors or pianos via other means to get to other sections.


You will also at certain sections come to mini boss fights of sorts as you are chased down by one of these grotesque ghouls.  It is completely up to you with very little hand holding to figure out how to take them down so that you can safely move on. For the completionist and achievement hunters out there Little Nightmares has your number, as there are candles hidden throughout to be lit as well as breaking china dolls that are also hidden throughout the Maw.

Graphics and Sound

Little Nightmares is a hauntingly beautiful world with a dark ominous soundtrack walking alongside it. When the situation called for the music sets the atmosphere perfectly for the scene. Whether its light exploring to running for your life, the music would adapt perfectly to the scene which was extremely pleasing and shows a lot of thought was put into the sound development.  Little Nightmares world and setting seem like a nod to Tim Burton. I’ve seen a lot of media coverage behind this game due to its setting and tone and as so it seems like the game has garnered some attention that it rightly deserves.



Little Nightmares is a fantastic title. Sadly, Little Nightmares is a short game as I found myself finishing it in about 4 or so hours. This doesn’t detract it from being a great game. It has replayability factors in its achievement hunting. I just wish there was more present here in terms of story. Alas I was still impressed with what time I got with Little Nightmares.  


Little Nightmares was reviewed on the PlayStation 4.

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Kyle PJ Dunn

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