World of Warriors PlayStation 4 Review

It is not very of often that you see a title that has been released on mobile get ported to either the PS4 or Xbox One. Mind Candy has attempted this with their turn-based RPG game World of Warriors three years after its mobile release, introducing it exclusively to the PS4. World of Warriors was quite popular on the mobile platform, but can It succeed as a home console release?


Thankfully, World of Warriors has ditched turn based attacking for real time antics for the PS4 edition. This game is a pure arena brawler, pitting warriors from all reaches of the globe (hence the title). There are over thirty different warriors to add toy your army and the variety is great with everyone from Saxons, Ninjas, Knights and Vikings to Zulus, Gauls and Maoris. Unfortunately, the variety of the warriors doesn’t carry across to the gameplay.

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The fighting takes place in smallish arenas that come with a themed hazard such as whirl pools or giants that smash areas in a timed fashion. Each battle consists of either 1 v1 or 2 v 2 fights and attacking is achieved with either quick or hard attack button presses and combos of both. You have the ability to dodge, rush, block, special attack after a meter is filled and enter a rage mode which increases attack damage. These functions are all presented within a tutorial and all are readily available from the start, this is the biggest problem with World of Warriors, there is no progression of gameplay. Your first fight feels nearly identical to every fight thereafter, and there are many fights to be had.


Continuing with the lack of variety is the characters themselves. They all move the same, attach the same, feel the same but look slightly different due to their garments. They have a striking resemblance to Nintendos Mii characters. The only progression throughout the game is to collect gems to unlock warriors and also drops from crates within fights to craft different buffs that don’t really add to the game play besides stat upgrades. The ai too is the same throughout. The only variety comes with receiving more damage.


As I have previously mentioned, the characters really look like Mii characters. Being a port of a mobile game, you can’t be expecting state of the art 3D visuals but what is shown here isn’t too bad. The screen is filled with vibrancy and everything has a cutesy look about it which is a little strange for a game based on violence, and the most violent warriors of history.



World of Warriors has an online element that pits you in PVP battles. This is certainly more entertaining than fighting against the ai opponents as there is a certain unpredictability in human controlled enemies. Again, this is a shallow aspect to the game but it provides some fun.



World of Warriors is fun but only for a little while. The lack of gameplay progression and variety really sets it back. In essence, the game is a great idea, pitting histories greatest warriors against each other, but the result is characters that look different, performing the same way.


Thank you to Sony for providing a copy of World of Warriors for review purposes.

Written by

Gavin Petersen

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