The CPS Changer system

This is my first official review, most of you won’t know me I am new to the scene of reviewing but I am quite keen on reviewing a multitude of arcade games and their console counter parts.

I thought with my background being arcade related and my love for console gaming also, that I would review a quite often talked about but never seen home arcade console The CPS changer.

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The CPS Changer (Capcom Power System Changer)

Released in 1994 in Japan only, the CPS changer was Capcom’s attempt at selling actual arcade games to the public other than coin operators themselves. What is the CPS Changer? It’s a home console that is perfect in every way to an arcade machine without actually owning one. How it works is that you plug the device into a specifically made CPS game cart, plug in power, CPS fighter stick or controller, AV cable or an S-video cable to your display.

Basically the CPS changer was a JAMMA supergun (TV JAMMA adapter) designed by Capcom as a home console. Its controller system was very unique as it was sold with an arcade stick called the CPS fighter stick, but if you were fortunate to own a super Nintendo you could plug in your SNES controller as it shared they exact same port as the Super Nintendo. Capcom had already sold the CPS fighter stick to Mega Drive and SNES customers as an accessory so it was natural to use this with the CPS system.

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The CPS Changer system was sold as a package deal with the console, one CPS fighter arcade stick and the Street Fighter 2 dash Turbo game for 39,800 yen. (AUD $447)

All of the CPS Changer games were essentially the arcade PCB’s in a plastic protective shell to be used in a household environment. There were a total of 11 games made for the CPS Changer system most of them were sold separately for roughly 20,000 yen. (AUD $224)

List of games available for the CPS Changer

  • Captain Commando
  • Final Fight
  • Knights of the Round
  • Capcom world 2
  • Muscle Bomber Duo
  • Saturday Night Slam Masters
  • Street Fighter II’ Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II’ Turbo
  • The king of Dragons
  • Street Fighter Zero

The final game released for the CPS Changer was a watered down port of the CPS2 version of Street Fighter zero. It was slightly altered as the hardware had limitations as the frame rate graphics and sound were altered, mind you Capcom still asked 35,000 yen (AUD $393) almost the entire price of the system itself.

The CPS changer was Capcom’s attempt at mimicking the Neo Geo approach. Neo had the Arcade machine the MVS (Multi Video System) and then they made the very expensive console version the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) which was the exact same quality as the arcade counterpart 1 for 1.
Capcom sought to replicate the success of Neo Geo with the CPS Changer it is exactly the same as the Capcom arcade hardware

These are a highly sought after collector’s item, I had been searching for one of these units for around 5 years. It’s not uncommon to see the CPS Changer fetch prices upwards of 2K for a complete unit.  Sometimes you will see CPS game boards pop up on Ebay and Yahoo Japan auction sites demanding high price tags. Capcom didn’t manufacture a lot of these systems due to the high price of the system and poor sales back in 1994. Most of the world owned either a Mega Drive or Super Nintendo and the ports of the Capcom CPS games were quite good, also they didn’t come with the hefty price tag this unit was worth.

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Obtaining the CPS changer to add another part of Capcom’s history was a big achievement for me as the game Street fighter II’ Turbo is one of my all-time favorite games in the series and it was the game they bundled the unit with. I Wish I had this available to me as a kid as this game plays so good even today on a plasma it looks great through the CPS Changer . Super Nintendo was my weapon of choice for all Capcom arcade games, I simply love the SNES controller so being able to play with my SNES controller on actual arcade hardware gave me a buzz when I found this unit.

My overall impression of the CPs changer is if you want one for one adaption of capcom arcade games without owning an actual arcade cabinet what better way to play street fighter 2 at home then being able to play it with the best controller made for a games console the Snes controller.

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