Pure Pool PC Review

It’s time to chalk up those Cues and rack-em-up, I’m gonna play some Pure Pool. Read on to find out about this one.

The majority of my history with pool has primarily involved several beverages, loud music and being surrounded with people I didn’t know. So now I can do it all at home without the strange people. I can now look like a pro with Pure Pool, available now on PS4 and PC.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on the PC version, and to my amazement, I found the controls a little more complex than other pool titles in the past, and yet it made it better. Now I’m not saying that there are too many controls or they’re difficult to maneuver, I’m talking about being able to stand up to view the table, be able to put spin on the ball or aim with more precision. Details that are required to give a true representation to the complexities of a game of pool.

Pure Pool

There are a number of game choices that you can partake, these include 8-ball, 9-ball and other variations. You can practice solo, complete challenges and play against other players’ ghosts (similar to the Drivatars in Forza), or play directly online. As you win games, you gain experience points which level up your character and therefore play more difficult challenges and players, as well as unlock different cues, table surfaces etc.

Pure Pool

I found Pure Pool very fun to play, but almost too easy. When aiming your shots, you have a guide showing exactly where the cue ball will travel, where it will go after contact as well as trajectory on where your target ball will go. This almost guarantees a perfect shot every time. Only after searching through the settings, did I find the option to disable this so my game would represent my true abilities.

Pure Pool

My experience was dulled severely however before I even began. Before the PC version starts, you are given choices for your display resolution etc. However, trying many different configurations, I was only able to play in Windowed mode (about 1/3rd of my monitor) regardless of what resolution I selected or whether I selected Windowed Mode or not. Most options forced the game to crash before it began. But once I could get in, the game was enjoyable but thoroughly irritating that I couldn’t play in full-screen.  Hey that’s the joy of PC gaming right?

Pure Pool

Visuals & Audio

From the first moment, you get a real sense of the time and attention given to the realism of your game. The table surface is spectacular, right down to the detail of the material and wood, the balls look fantastic with the light reflection and movement. All the associated sounds of cue-ball and ball-ball interaction is spot on giving the whole experience an accurate feel.

Pure Pool


Pure Pool is a wonderful game and a much-deserved title for avid pool fans who can’t afford a table at home and wish to pocket some balls. I just hope the developers can rectify the display issues for the PC version. If you have a PS4 and have been waiting for a pool game, this is for you.


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CJ Taylor

As a pasionate gamer, I play on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U and PC. I have been gaming since the early 80’s (feel old now) on Commodore 64, Most Sega; Nintendo; Playstation and Xbox consoles and PC. I now primarily play games on Xbox One and am enjoying all that the new generation of gaming is offering.

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