Another World Xbox One Review

Another World is a story of a young scientist name Lester who as a result of a failed experiment has found himself amidst a dangerous alien world where he must fight for his survival.  Originally released for the Amiga 500 and Atari ST back in 1991, Another World is back and rebooted for today’s next generation consoles.  So, how does it stack up today?  Unfortunately, not very well at all.


Another World begins by throwing you right into the action on the Alien planet.  You are unarmed and have no idea where to go and it’s not long before you encounter trouble.  Another World is essentially a side scrolling platforming title that sees you traverse land, tunnels and sea as you try and escape.  The games objective is simple and so too are the controls, too simple in fact.  You control your character with the left thumbstick and can shoot your weapon with the push of the A button, that’s about as difficult as it gets.  However your character simply does not respond well to the simplest of commands.  There are times when your weapon would simply not fire, nor could you accurately jump over enemies correctly without repeatedly dying.  Sometimes your character would run, and other times he would not, despite pressing the action button to run, it all depends on whether the game chooses to respond.


Another World is a 1991 title however it’s 2014 and from a re-release perspective one would have thought the developers would have recreated the game to the tune of something more akin to say Valiant Hearts which is a side scrolling title, but looks far more amazing and up to date.  Yes, the developers did give the option of original graphics versus newer graphics which can be accessed by pressing the Y button, however you honestly need to look twice as there is hardly any change at all which is disappointing.  In terms of audio, there is literally nothing apart from a few basic moans and groans and the sounds of lasers firing, it’s abysmal. 


In terms of puzzles, there are some good moments however they are not enough to carry the game forward in any way.  Most of the time you’re running back and forth through the same stretch of tunnel as opposed to new areas.  It’s something I completely understand for 1991 and the Amiga 500, but not today, not by any sense of the word. 



Another World was certainly a great title in 1991, however no real effort has been put in here to help celebrate its anniversary for gamers as well as entice new players to experience what was a great title.  The overall story is short, unrewarding and I am not being critical in a sense that I hate the game as I really enjoyed it back in 1991 on my Amiga 500, just not today on Xbox One.  Definitely one for nostalgia reasons only, then again my advice is to keep that nostalgia in your mind, not on your console.


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Paul Barbara

I'm 40, been an avid gamer since I was 5 (1981) and owned almost all systems possible in that time. I love podcasting, having produced over 230 episodes over the last 6 years and I get a real buzz out of discussing all this gaming news with other gamers. So tune in!

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