Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Switch Review

Bayonetta 2 blasts you straight into the action from the moment you press start with its high intensity, face paced action coupled with its over sexualised presentation.  There’s plenty of fun here with its 10 hour plus campaign, so get ready to kick, punch and pose your way to victory.


Bayonetta 2 is an action adventure hack n slash style of video game that was developed by Platinum Games and was originally released for the Nintendo Wii U.  Move over Wii U as Bayonetta is bursting onto the Nintendo Switch in an explosive way that surely will make use of the systems extra power.  The plot here with Bayonetta 2 is rather simple and involves Bayonetta having to travel to a fictional sacred mountain called Fimbulventr in a hope to find the Gates of Hell in an effort to save her friend Jeanne.


Bayonetta 2 is all about the free flowing combat where each kick and punch can be combined to form a myriad of combinations and attacks to dazzle every enemy in sight.  Dodging attacks is also key to your survival as well and if you do it right enough of the time you can earn Witch Time.  Witch Time is a slow motion playback that allows you to release powerful attacks to your enemies and bypass their defences which would otherwise be impossible at a normal rate of speed, essentially like slow motion. 

The on screen battle system also rates your various levels with a score that can always be improved upon. Things like deaths and continues lowers your overall rank score, and bigger combos and speed improve it.  Personally I can see a lot of time spent here for the completionists trying to perfect each battle.  Sometimes though I was glad to just survive each battle. Despite playing on normal difficulty, I often found myself dying repeatedly with certain enemies, that was until I realised the enemies pattern and adjusted my technique accordingly.  You simply cannot keep spamming the attack button and hope for success,  you do need to attack the right spots, dodge and jump when needed in order to minimise the number of hits Bayonetta is dealt. For those who try and improve their overall rankings, rewards await you ranging from themed costumers to extra currency to spend on new techniques.


One of the new attacks that I loved was Bayonetta’s Wicked Weave which uses Bayonetta’s hair as a conduit to summon forth demonic entities.  The attack summons the massive limbs of Madam Butterfly for an explosive fight dealing substantial damage.  Aside from these attacks, the majority of my attacks were simply kicks and punches which were effective at winding down your enemies health bar.

I must also admit that Bayonetta is extremely oversexualised here with some very questionable crotch shots and partial nudity combined with some foul language that may be overlooked by most parents when purchasing a Nintendo title, so my advice is to follow the ratings advice accordingly.  Bayonetta 2 has definitely been given a good coat of polish for the Nintendo Switch version and plays extremely well and free flowing.  Never did I encounter frame rate drops or game crashes, it was a solid and smooth experience overall.


The Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta also offers Amiibo support.  Various Amiibo allow you access to different costumes such as Fox, Lin, Peach and Daisy to name a few.  They also each feature unique sounds and animations as well which was immensely cool.


Graphics & Sound

What is immediately noticeable is just how nice Bayonetta 2 looks and performs on the Nintendo Switch.  The action on screen is absolutely frantic with a plethora of enemies, loads of button mashing and fast action everywhere you can see.  This is all managed quiet well whilst running at a solid 60 fps which is very impressive compared to the Wii U’s 40fps.  However to do this, in docked mode the game is locked to 720p which does show its age these days when played on the big screen.  However if you switch to handheld mode, you remain in 720p which looks down right gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch’s screen.  So essentially you best bet is to enjoy Bayonetta 2 on the go.



Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch is still a must play for the system and the series.  It is extremely fast paced and action packed with plenty of innuendo and crotch shots for all to see.  The Switch version definitely improves the experience compared to the Wii U version and the extra Amiibo support is a bonus,  If you never played Bayonetta 2 you’ll be a fool to pass up the opportunity on your Nintendo Switch, it’s hack n slashing goodness to the max!


Thank you to Nintendo for providing a copy of Bayonetta 2 for review on the Nintendo Switch

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