DInseyLand Adventures Xbox One Review

Now that Microsoft’s Kinect has well and truly been laid to rest we are now  seeing a selection of popular Kinect titles being altered and enhanced for the Xbox One X. It is my pleasure to review Disneyland Adventures. Because who wouldn’t want to explore an animated recreation of Disneyland?


Disneyland Adventures has been remastered and re imagined for the Xbox One X.  Of course, it can also be played on the original Xbox One and the S, however it truly shines on the Xbox One X. Disneyland Adventures also gets the true 4K Ultra HD experience with beautiful visuals and HDR support.


Disneyland Adventures is a lot of fun. Even for an adult such as myself (well kind of). The child in me loves this game. While not yet having experienced or been to the physical Disneyland itself, I can only guess that the game is a rough virtual layout of the park itself. So much to see and do here, Disneyland Adventures is a must for any one with kids. There are a lot of fun and exciting mini games here and thankfully a lot of them can now be controlled using your Xbox Controller. Don’t fret through Kinect lovers. The option to use a Kinect is still possible, however if you want to play this on an Xbox One X you will need to track down the USB Kinect adaptor to allow you to do this.


The mini games are a selection of various play styles. These are usually one of the three; shooting various targets, racing or dancing (done on the controller by button inputs). These mini games are set in different parts of the park. Taking place usually in a form related to one of Disney’s many classic film properties. When approaching some of these iconic rides you of course don’t get to ride the actual rides themselves. You play mini games that can be interesting to some, others however like adults, might seem a little boring. Sadly with the dancing section you are stuck to just button mashing which grows tiring over time. However, for kids there is a lot of fun to be had here.  


Aside from the mini games you have certain quests to do out in the park itself. One of these is collecting and filling several autograph books from the many different Disney characters found around the park. Other quests while coming across as tiring or boring to me, like the old fetch quests that grow tiring, might interest kids as they feature a lot of actual Disney voice over talent from the TV shows and movies.  In these mini games there are several levels to complete and with each game you also have a stars to fill up which pretty much acts as your overall rating for completing a game.
There are several different sections to the park as well. Scattered throughout the park is also coins that you can collect and gain from mini games that can used as in game money to purchase outfits for your male or female avatar.


Graphics and Audio

Disneyland Adventures is a gorgeously colourful game that kids and some adults will enjoy playing. The game really stands out on the Xbox One X and while I myself do not yet own a 4K TV I could see the upscaling for my HD 1080P TV. The game also ran smoothly on my Xbox One X.  I did notice however from watching a few YouTube videos on my computer, that a couple of gamers were experiencing frame rate issues on the Xbox One S. I however didn’t experience these issues. So, I obviously can’t falter the game for issues others may be having on certain consoles.


I was also pleased to notice that a lot of the characters were voiced by their voice actors I have heard from current Disney TV shows. I was a tad worried that they may have hired outside talent so thankfully we have a voice cast that brings the true magic to all of these iconic characters. Of course some are voiced by other actors compared to their older films.


Disneyland Adventures is a remaster that truly shines on the Xbox One X.  With a huge variety of mini games and quests to experience along with your favourite Disney characters, Disneyland Adventures is a whole lot of fun for all the family. 


Thanks to Microsoft Studios for providing Daily Joystick Podcasts with a copy of the game for review.

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Kyle PJ Dunn

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