Super Lucky’s Tale Gilly Island DLC Xbox One Review

Everyone’s favourite fox is back with an all new adventure set on Gilly’s Island in the latest piece of DLC for the recently released Super Lucky’s Tale for the Xbox One.  Is Gilly Island worth its $7.45 price of admission?  Absolutely it is.


Straight off the bat you can access Gilly Island at any time from the main menu under the heading Downloadable content.  I like this option as many gamers may or may not have finished the original campaign and you can essentially jump straight into the new content if you wish.  Gilly Island is a new adventure that is set in a tropical paradise, only issue is Gilly and her taste in music that has consumed the island.  Your job is simple and involves defeating Lady Mewomalade who has modified the music on the island to be that of her hit single that is constantly playing on loop.   To do this, you’ll explore 3 new world levels in search of Gilly, as well as collecting a host of coins and clovers to boot.


Gilly Island essentially plays exactly like the main title Super Lucky’s Tale and for those who haven’t read our review you can do so here.  Super Lucky’s Tale is an open world platformer that is bright and filled with colour, great environments and some solid platforming action.  Don’t expect some of the initial complaints to be resolved here including those who were not a fan of the fixed camera, that’s still there and allows ever so slight 180 degree movement and has not been altered to 360 degrees as some had hoped for. This is not a detracting point but best to set expectations early on and personally I was totally fine with the camera design.


Gilly Island adds an additional 18 clovers for Lucky to seek out and find, bringing the total up to 117.  These clovers are spread through each level much the same as the original game, plus a few scattered around on the hub world which involve solving puzzles.  I quite like these puzzles as they definitely do make you think long and hard which I liked, but ultimately they were solvable.  There were a host of new characters to meet and assist however there were no new types of enemies at all.  Essentially the same enemies were present here in Gilly Island that was present in the main game such as the all too familiar bumblebees and caterpillars.  It would have been nice to meet some new enemies along the way for a bit more of a challenge.  I was rather impressed with one of the levels on offer which was a throwback to the original Donkey Kong game of the early 80’s.  Achievement hunters will be happy too as the additional DLC adds a further 500 Gamerscore that doesn’t just apply to the DLC content but includes the main game also, thus adding further replayability.


Visually Gilly Island follows the lead of the main game Super Lucky’s Tale with its bright and colourful worlds that are simply delightful to look at, especially in 4K and 60fps.  Gilly Island is as smooth as butter and ran flawlessly which was great to see, so no worries there.



All in all Gilly Island was a great add on to the already popular Super Lucky’s Tale.  All up the additional DLC took around two hours to complete and for $7.45 it is fairly priced as well.  Don’t forget there are a host of items that I can go back and collect as well as achievement hunt so there is more value here beyond that.  I like what was put on offer her by Playful Corp and I hope to see more levels and challenges in the future.


Thank you to Microsoft for providing a copy of Gilly Island for review for the Xbox One.

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