Payday 2 Xbox 360 Review

Suit up, pack your equipment, ready your weapons and put those masks on cause it’s time to make some Heists in Payday 2.  So if you have nothing else to do while waiting for that damn drill to open the vault I am sure you will have enough time the read my thoughts on Payday 2 before its finished!


As you can probably already tell by now Payday 2 is the sequel of Payday and just like the first Payday Dallas, Chains, Hoxton and Wolf are still using their talented abilities and working as a team to complete old and even some new missions such as bank heists, armed robberies, delivering drugs and even creating and extracting Meth in Meth labs and even more!


When first starting Payday 2 you are introduced to your secret safe house where you can choose to jump right on Crime.Net to and start some heists or walk around and practice your shooting skills at the shooting range or lock-picking and drilling doors and safes in the little obstacle room provided.

Unlike most games Payday 2 doesn’t really have a storyline or a specific order of what mission to do next, it is all entirely random and up to you.  When on the laptop, missions are automatically randomly generated on a map of the area providing different information on each mission such as difficulty, the specific job that is at hand, how many days it will take and of course how much cash you make.  Each mission that randomly pops up has only a short time limit until it disappears off your map and generates a new mission giving, thus you only giving a few minutes to decide what mission you’d like to pick until it is expired.


After completing each mission you get paid in two ways, off-shore balance which is used to upgrade your safe house which you are told at the start of the game when you are exploring your safe house by Bain.  Even though you are not able to upgrade your safe house seeing how it turned out that they never bothered in even adding this feature in the full game yet except in further DLC which I am hoping will be free seeing how I shouldn’t have to pay for what should already be in the game as promised. The other method of payment of course is spending money that can be used to not only purchase more weapons and attachments, but also different tools and skills to help make each mission to seem a little easier.

Customization and Skill tree points are used significantly in Payday 2.  When finishing a mission you not only get paid money but you also gain reputation points helping you advance to a higher reputation level to unlock cooler things such as certain weapons, suits, different tools and skill points to help make your player experienced in one or more different fields such as Enforcer, Mastermind, Ghost and the Technician class. You are also given a choice to pick 1 out of 3 cards after each mission; there are two different pictures on all the cards which are pictures of weapons or a mask.  Depending of which card you have selected determines what you will be rewarded, weapons card – you unlock a new weapon attachment and for the mask card – a new skin, color, or design for your mask.  After getting one of each for your mask you are actually even able to create a custom mask using the parts you have acquired from selected cards.


The A.I team-mates in Payday 2 are the most useless help I have ever encountered in a game for a long time, not only do they just stand around doing nothing all the time, but when it comes to moving bags of cash and drugs into the escape vehicles they just don’t seem to give a stuff and don’t want to help you carry any whatsoever, making it nearly impossible to make 10 different trips from the bank to your escape car and back without getting put into custody! If you think that’s bad when it comes to holding hostages instead of assisting and looking after the hostages while you go set up the drill to crack the vault seeing they sure as hell wont, they turn a blind eye and the hostages click the panic button making it impossible to stealth while playing single player! 

Visuals and Audio

When it came to the visuals and audio used in Payday 2 I found it very lacking. Not only with the not so good looking graphics compared to other titles released in this generation of gaming as I see other NPC running around in a weird manner by skipping frames and just looking stupid. Even sometimes when I restarted a mission for some reason everyone started talking in slow-motion, and no this did not happen once but happened quite often which I found to be so annoying causing me to actually mute all voice volumes effects in the game numerous of times. Each level of each job type is said to all be different from each other, to me it was the exact same map with maybe an extra or maybe a few less doors and cameras.


Overall opinion

I would only recommend Payday 2 to the people who only play with others online, because this game is only playable with other real people.  The most disappointing feature of the game is the poor A.I which I’ve harped on enough during this review.  But in saying that I did play Payday 2 with a few friends on a couple of missions and I tell you it was actually pretty good to receive some actual help from team mates!  I do enjoy playing this title in small amounts from time to time, but found it very slack especially with the whole saying you are able to upgrade your safe house but then after some time realizing why the hell cant I find the option to upgrade my safe house because it never was added into the full game has me still wondering.  In saying that Payday 2 would probably have been better suited to being more of an arcade title that is worth picking up for around $20-$30 and not any higher than that!


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