Saints Row IV Xbox 360 Review

We have all dreamt of one day becoming the President of the United States of America and many of us have also wondered what would happen in the events of an alien invasion.  Well, now we can experience both dreams at the same time in Deep Silvers newest title, Saints Row IV.  So load up your weapons and suit up, because it’s time to kick some alien butt!


Just like any Saints Row title, you start this third person action-adventure game as a character who is fully covered in armor who doesn’t speak a word so that you may choose what you look and sound like after the mission has finished by changing your clothes, gender, facial and body appearances etc.


Saints Row IV prologue missions is based after the events of Saints Row The Third where you and your crew members Pierce and Shaundi are called up by a MI-6 agent called Asha Odekar and her contact who turns out to be one of your previous enemies former Deckers leader Matt Miller.  Your job is to in infiltrate a Middle Eastern compound to assassinate Cyrus Temple, the former leader of STAG in Saints Row the Third who is now crazy and obsessed in killing all the Saints, and also plans on destroying Washington D.C. using a nuclear missile.


Unfortunately you are unable to stop Matt from launching the nuclear missile so you then jump and climb up the missile and start disarming the nuke in midair before it reaches Washington killing millions. Once the nuke has been disarmed you sky dive down and happen to fall through the White House and land in the president’s chair.  5 years later you find yourself elected as President for saving Washington from Cyrus’s terrorist attack and you now have a host of problems to deal with including an alien invasion force led by the leader Zinyak, who has not only abducted you, but all your crew with plans to wipe out the Saints all together.  After series of events you are found to be placed in a Steelport simulator that has wiped out the existence of the Saints in Steelport and it’s up to you to escape and stop the alien warlord Zinyak. Along the way you find a way to hack the system and unlock crazy new superpowers!


Yes you just read correctly, superpowers and heaps of superpower upgrades have now been added into Saints Row IV, giving this game a real prototype style feeling with the super jumps, super speed and air dashing/gliding.  There are many other superpowers to unlock such as; Telekinesis, Freeze Blast, Fire Blast, Mind Control and so much more.  Collecting certain data clusters around the map of Steelport is used as upgrading currency for your superpowers which makes your powers more powerful and effective against alien and human enemies!

Just like Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV still has ‘homees’ that walk around the city with you or even can be recruited on the streets to help you cause terror to all those who oppose you!  Also secondary missions placed around Steelport such as insurance fraud, superfast running races, hacking stores, killing waves of enemies, shutting down alien generators and towers and pretty much taking back The Saints control of this simulation of Steelport. Being able to customize your player is also back, even though it felt like a huge copy and paste exercise from Saints Row the Third with maybe a few minor changes such as clothing. There has also been a horde of cool weapons, weapon upgrade and cool weapon skins such as references to other movies like Star Wars have been added into Saints Row IV with also high alien tech guns such as the Abduction gun that sends people in the Abduction beam high up into the sky to their death, or the Dubstep gun where depending on what costume you have on what song shoots out and other Alien blasters and rifles.


The leveling up system is also back, with the same usual and basic upgrades such as; health upgrading, less damage taken from explosions, bullets and fire, homee upgrading, weapon upgrades such as ammo and damage, certain bonuses that makes you earn more XP and cash, permanent vehicle upgrades such as NOS and all those other basics which by the end of the game and finishing leveling up with all upgrades makes you into an invincible super being!


There are so many more awesome vehicles to not only upgrade but to drive, like awesome alien tanks, space ships and hover bikes. Vehicle customization is also back and can make any car look awesome pretty much by adding spoilers, bumpers, skirts, rims, neon’s and colors to the car’s interior and exterior.  When hijacking or customizing a vehicle you are also able to store it in your garage for permanent use and can be spawned when using your cellphone in the homees section.

Visuals and Audio

The visuals in Saints Row IV appeared exactly the same as Saints Row the Third with no major improvements except for parts of the map which are more alien looking with high alien tech generators, towers and spaceships.  Just like every other Saints Row title, they have done an amazing job on music from in-game and even on the radio, especially making cut scenes and missions so much more funnier with silly songs that just fit perfectly, making you have a good laugh whilst playing.  Also the best thing about these visuals is the fact that how you are in a simulator and just like any computer based program sometimes characters such as you or other pedestrians, buildings or vehicles go all pixelated and fuzzy for a few seconds which gives the effect of how you are in a simulation which I found really amazing and put together quite nicely.

Overall Opinion

Although Saints Row IV feels like a huge copy and paste over the previous Saints Row title, the new additions such as customization and super powers give Saints Row IV a different feel.  The writing in Saints Row IV with its smart-ass comebacks and remarks are just so funny especially the fact you can play with Nolan North’s voice character.  Also, despite the Australian version being censored thanks to the removal of the Alien Probe gun and additional missions I must say I felt Saints Row IV didn’t really need those additions in order to be a great gaming experience.  I didn’t personally need to shove things up people bums and take alien drugs to have a better experience and I feel that Saints Row IV already had enough awesome content anyway.  It’s easy to recommend a game like Saints Row IV to you, so long as you can handle the witty humor and themes that the game indulges in.  A solid title that’s well recommended.


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