Strider Xbox 360 Review

I remember playing Strider for the Sega Genesis back in the day, so when I heard that a new game was coming out, I was super stoked.  Nostalgia can be dangerous in situations like this because you end up looking at a game through rose colored glasses. Does Strider live up to its past glory? Or, does it fall flat on its face?


The story isn’t very pronounced but from what I gathered, you’re in the future, a super ninja denizen fighting an out of control military state. It’s up to you to topple this corrupt regime and bring freedom and prosperity to the people once again. The enemies have this cold war era Soviet Union feel to them which creates an interesting aesthetic. You’ll battle troops, robots, just about everything in an attempt to bring down this corrupt government.


Strider is a fairly basic game. You slash and slide your way to vanquishing your enemies. At times it can be repetitive but you unlock new powers and abilities to help you out on your journey. Strider has a very metroid-vania type game play to it, meaning you’ll be doing a lot of back tracking. Some areas are not accessible at first, not until you unlock certain powers or abilities so the levels are huge with many different pathways through them. It can get a bit confusing at times but luckily you have a handy map that helps you traverse the stages.



There is nothing memorable about the sound in this game. It isn’t bad; it just does its job. Everything is fairly basic with a few background tunes that get stuck in your head. Don’t go in expecting a magnum opus and you’ll be fine.



Although it didn’t give me the same feeling as the 16-bit original, Strider was still an enjoyable game. The metroid-vania style gameplay combined with smooth movement and effortless attacks left me wanting more. As far as remakes or reboots (or next installments) go, it could, and has been, done worse. Strider is fast paced action through and through so if you’re looking to slice up some baddies, you can’t go wrong with this game.


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Larry Ragland

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