World of Tanks Xbox One Review

The guys over at who are renowned for their free to play “World of” series on the PC have been kind enough to port over one of the more popular games in that series World of Tanks to the Xbox one.


World of Tanks has you fighting large scale vehicular battles across six different maps all set in the World War 2 era.  The objective for this game is simple; either destroy all enemy tanks or take control of the enemy base.

Matches won’t take you very long to complete seeing as they’re on a fifteen minute timer but are normally over within five to ten minutes max.  One of the more annoying features of the matches is the fact that once you die then that’s it you’re out of the match, and when you die you either have to wait for the next match to begin which can be an annoying wait for someone who died pretty close to the beginning of the match or you can just leave that current match an look for a new one.   However the downside to that is the tank you were just using becomes unavailable until that match properly ends.


Learning how to control your tank is one of the trickiest things to do in the game as the controls can be a real pain to come to terms with due to the fact you’re using both thumb sticks to control, which can be the difference between life and death in situations when you’re trying to put your tank in to the perfect hiding spot or trying to get out of the way of enemies firing at you.

Managing your tank can become a real chore during the heat of battle from making sure your driver stays alive so you don’t lose speed or steering to making sure your ammo canisters aren’t hit so you can keep your reload speed up is a real pain especially when surrounded by three or more enemy tanks.


World of Tanks has your average amount of micro transactions which people have grown to expect within free to play games which isn’t a good thing.  The micro transactions are your typical annoying ones that stop you from upgrading to certain types of tanks or buying the somewhat more powerful weapons. While most upgrades you can get by playing the game which is not that hard to earn, however there are weapons and tanks that you can’t get unless you actually spend money which many may find quite annoying.


The visuals for world of Tanks aren’t anything mind blowing and they are not going to push anyone’s Xbox to it limit but that’s to be expected for a game of its scale which is excusable to a point.  That’s not to say the visuals are bad, when looking at your tank in your garage the detail is good, when you start playing on particular maps you’ll notice how bland the visuals are and also the lack of colours in certain places which again can be excused due to its setting.  However when you’re playing through the streets of London and everything looks and feels the same, it’s just not on and there is certainly scope for improvement in that regard.


While playing through the game you’ll begin to notice the crew in your tank will start talking to you and giving you advice on what part of your tank has been hit, right in the middle of a real battle.  Which doesn’t sound like much but the way it sounds brings another element to the fact you’re fighting in World War 2.


World of Tanks at its core is a really fun game an some of the elements to it are really well done, like maintaining your tank during battle to make sure you don’t lose mobility or reload speed and the upgrade system.  The downside to World of Tanks is just the lack of visual fidelity in certain areas combined with the learning curve in regards to the controls that really hold this game back.   Once you are able to get past these points, World of Tanks becomes a lot more fun.


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Robert Gilsy

I have been a gamer for as long as i can remember. My earliest memory of gaming was watching my two older sisters play the original Sonic the hedgehog and loving it. For most of my life I've mainly gamed on PlayStation until i decided to try Xbox after loosing my first PS3. I now play games mostly on PS4, Xbox one, Wii U and PC also i am a massive fan of anything Transformers related.

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