Far Cry 5 Xbox One Review

I am super excited to be finally playing Far Cry 5. This new title released by Ubisoft aims to be the best Far Cry yet. I was lucky enough to get an early hands-on experience back in October last year, you can find my impressions of that here.  Now I have the game to experience in its entirety. Can Far Cry 5 take the podium from Far Cry 3 for my favourite of the series?


For any new-comers to the Far Cry series, this is not a mindless shooter game. It has an in-depth story and even though you will be shooting guns for the most part, there is a progression system and unlockables throughout the game that will keep you entertained. In order to return order to the community, you are required to complete missions throughout the regions to wipe out the enemy. The small towns scattered across the map are like hubs where you will encounter multiple enemies. Some players may choose to run in with guns blazing, others will take a more strategic option to scope it out, mark the enemies and stealthily take them down. This is my strategy of choice as it feels like more of a challenge.

Far Cry 5 1

I am definitely a fan of the Far Cry series although the later editions surpass the earlier ones with my favourite standing with Far Cry 3. They have always had something for you to do, whether you are focusing on the story or getting the side missions done. I generally like to do all the side missions first and only progress when I have to do some story in order to unlock a new area. Part of this was the hunting quests which allow you to unlock new equipment.

I was surprised to discover that Far Cry 5 does not require extra areas to be unlocked and the hunting missions have been removed. I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed but am confident that this decision was the correct choice.

Far Cry 5 3

The location of Far Cry 5 takes a step away from the familiar island scenario and instead steps into the picturesque forest hills, farm lands, open fields and rivers set before the mountainous backdrop of Hope County Montana. I welcome this change as it gives a less familiar environment for you to explore. It does also give you a new selection of local wildlife to encounter. Granted you don’t need to hunt these for equipment upgrades but you can trade in skins for some extra money.

A great way for you to really soak in the scenery and serenity is to go fly fishing in the rivers. There are several areas for you to find different species. There are missions that require you to go fishing (as if you needed a reason). They will allow you to unlock better rods but that aside, catching fish gives you another way to score some easy money.

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Despite a substantial outcry regarding the villain, I actually like the decision that was made. Joseph Seed, who is known as The Father and his Heralds (his siblings Jacob, Faith and John) are an extremist Christian cult known as Eden’s Gate. They have taken over the region through its churches. I was surprised that this game made me feel more opposed to these villains than any other Far Cry game. In comparison, I really liked Vaas in Far Cry 3 but was indifferent about his crew. Far Cry 4, I had no real emotion to any character, especially Pagan Min, but I still enjoyed the game, and I won’t go into my feelings on Far Cry Primal. But I enjoyed the personal, emotional connection to the cause of my character in his opposition to Eden’s Gate.

I think the best feature of Far Cry 5 is the fact that most of the game can be played in Co-op mode. It is great to be able to experience the whole story with others at the same time and working as a team.

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If you need more support, in addition to the Guns For Hire that has continued in this game, there are nine companions that you can call upon to assist in your mission. Each of these companions can greatly help in their own individual ways. I especially love Boomer as he is an awesome dog. He will attack your enemies and then bring you the gun they were carrying. I don’t know how many times I verbally said “Good Boy” during play.

Audio & Visuals

Far Cry is commonly known to be a very good-looking game series, and Far Cry 5 is no exception. The visual and audible environment is simply stunning. It really is immersive, that is when you can find some time to take in the serenity before someone fires a bullet at you. The combat and characters are just as well designed. One point I always look for is lip-sync and I was not disappointed.

Far Cry 5 5


Far Cry 5 is a welcome title to the Far Cry series. It has a good story and was very immersive for me. I liked the companions as well as the Co-op campaign option. It is a great game with plenty to keep you playing for quite some time. This is now one of my favourite Far Cry games and I recommend it to players of the series and others who enjoy shooters with a good story. I still don’t think it tops Far Cry 3 but I think it is a very close second.


Thank you to Ubisoft for providing a copy of Far Cry 5 for review purposes.

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