LEGO The Incredibles Xbox One Review

With the release of The Incredibles 2 into our cinemas, it was no surprise to see an accompanying game released at a similar time. It also comes as no surprise that the game would be a LEGO themed game as well. So, does LEGO The Incredibles deserve its place amongst the growing lineup of LEGO games?


With an extensive lineup of previous titles, the gameplay of LEGO The Incredibles is nothing new. A large assortment of characters, most of them with varying outfits, progress through a story whilst taking time to destroy every LEGO object in sight in order to collect studs, your currency. The Story mode of LEGO The Incredibles follows the recently released second movie, albeit loosely, and then returns to the first movie. This gives the player or players a total of 12 story levels of which you can revisit later with extra characters.

LEGO The Incredibles 4

The extra characters that are unlockable or purchasable via in-game currency will be able to access previously unreachable areas or destroy objects that you couldn’t do with the pre-assigned story characters. Doing so will allow you to collect more LEGO kits and bricks to unlock more characters and vehicles to use in other levels or the large open world hub.

The hub has become another game in itself over the last couple of years, granting the player with missions and exploration to find and collect extra items. These missions include races, assisting city residents or fighting crime amongst many others. I was surprised to see actual cutscenes for the crime outbreaks which add to the feel of an actual level as opposed to the standard side missions of earlier titles.

LEGO The Incredibles 1

The assortment of characters was smaller than recent games but considering that the universe is less developed than the Marvel or DC universes, this was to be expected. Although it seems plentiful when opening the selection screen, but each character’s differing costumes have their own tile. I felt that this was a cheap ruse to make to character selection seem much bigger than it actually is.

As usual, I quickly found my favoured characters, Dash’s super speed allowed faster collection of scattered studs as well as the ability to run on water, and Jack Jack’s ability to morph into multiple forms was handy in several instances. I think each character was used quite well based on their own individual abilities all things considered.

LEGO The Incredibles 2

The structure of the movies within the game seemed wrong from the beginning though. I think it would have flowed better working in chronological order. I don’t see the sense in starting in the sequel and then going back to the first. Granted that I have not seen the sequel movie yet, I cannot comment on what changes were made for that, but I did notice some scenes from The Incredibles were changed to accommodate for the game. For example, there are parts where the game has two characters in scenes where there was originally only one, and parts included that were not even in the movie.

Audio & Video

LEGO The Incredibles is supported by a great cast of voice actors, although some characters did not get the actual actors from the movies. These added to the stock-standard LEGO game soundboards present the players with a decent audible experience.

LEGO The Incredibles 3

Graphically, the gameplay is a carbon copy of recent games. That isn’t always a bad thing, if you’ve got a winning formula, then it would be crazy to change. However, there were some noticeable screen tearing during cutscenes and interactive scenes. Other than that, I didn’t experience any game breaking bugs.


LEGO The Incredibles is a fun game and a welcome addition to my collection of LEGO titles. There is plenty to do whether in the story levels or the hub. The characters were utilized well to complete each task although it felt flat in comparison with earlier games. This along with the graphical imperfections gave me somewhat of a diminished experience and that is a real shame, especially for a LEGO game fan.


Thank you to Warner Bros. for providing a copy of LEGO The Incredibles for review purposes.

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