Tower of Guns Xbox One Review

Imagine walking from room to room, level by level while dodging hundreds of bullets and rockets. Well imagine no more and grab yourself a copy of Tower of Guns.


Tower of Guns is an FPS without the stress of cheating opponents, and best of all, it’s a load of fun.  With an assortment of rooms or arenas that are chosen at random and an array of varying weapons playing the role of your enemies, your path is bound to be a tricky one.Tower of Guns Xbox One Review

That may sound like a lot to take in but, it does it all seamlessly with not one but several stories. When we talk about stories, it is scripted on the screen at certain points of the game which doesn’t make any difference to the game itself but adds a well-written, humorous tale to your adventure.

Tower of Guns Xbox One Review

Your main task is to make your way through a number of rooms leading to a boss, and working your way to the top of the tower and the final boss. The catch is that you have just one life. Luckily each enemy drops collectibles which level up your life, weapon and currency. Occasionally, you will also find random drops of power-ups which can increase your Maximum Life, Weapon Upgrades, Extra Jumps and so on. Additionally to these power-ups, you may find Vending Machines for you to cash in your currency for extra power-ups. For the exploring gamers, you will also have the opportunity to seek out a number of hidden areas in each level.

Tower of Guns Xbox One Review

Tower of Guns gives you its own achievements allowing you to unlock a large selection of perks as well as a decent assortment of weapons. I found that the automatic rifle was my favourite, however other gamers might find the slower and yet more powerful rocket launcher more suited to their taste. Regardless of your weapon choice, the game gets increasingly more difficult as you progress. I discovered that you can make a running dash to the end of the starting rooms but without levelling up your weapon, you will find the later levels much more difficult.

A big downside to many of our readers is the fact that this is one of the games that is currently restricted to US region only and not available within Australia. Let’s hope this gets changed soon so everyone can enjoy this title.


This game has an interesting art style, it is dirty yet the textures are clean, the tone of each room adds to an atmosphere that is different from the next. The enemies are well designed with a simplistic form. When considering the audio, environmental sounds, rocket and gunfire sound very good and is matched with its music background tracks.

Tower of Guns Xbox One Review


Tower of Guns presents a simple and yet difficult task for your gaming pleasure. Each room comes at random and each assortment of enemy weapons in each room is chosen completely at random so each play through will be different. The numerous stories add an entertaining element to your journey and despite how difficult it is, it does not diminish the enjoyment involved in playing this game.


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CJ Taylor

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